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Bible Baptist Church of Puyallup

Welcome to the website of Bible Baptist Church in Puyallup, Washington. 

Our church is a growing, dynamic place for people of all ages to find salvation, instruction and hope.

Our Mission

THE MISSION of Bible Baptist Church is to glorify God by proclaiming Jesus Christ, winning the lost and preparing members for life-long ministry.

About Bible Baptist Church

Bible Baptist Church is all about the BIBLE.  Our only rule of faith and the only book from which we study is the infallible Word of God. We use only the Authorized King James Version of the Bible and believe it to be without error.

Bible Baptist Church is BAPTIST.  While recognizing the day and times in which we live, we cling to the truths our Christian forefathers have preached for 2000 years.

Bible Baptist Church is a CHURCH. We are a body of baptized believers who are organized together to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. We gather together to encourage one another, lift up the Lord Jesus Christ and tell others how to find freedom from sins and a happy relationship with God.

Whether you have

We Invite Your to Attend Our Services

We are near both BOEING and MICROSOFT plants for those working in those fields.

Contact information:

Address:12307 Canyon Rd E Puyallup, WA 98373

Telephone: 253-535-3165

FAX: 253-539-3032


Salvation, Instruction and Hope